When your first word beyond 'Mama' and 'Dada' is 'Wheel', and you start drawing with-anything/on-anything before you could even walk, a path has been set that would be all but impossible to diverge from.   My life would be centered on creating art and being prepossessed with all things vehicular.  And there would be car drawings.  Lots and lots of car drawings.

From that beginning, while growing up, the most fulfilling, focused, and enjoyable parts of my life were the times I was drawing or building models.  From Lego, to Pinewood Derby cars, to plastic model kits, and now digital models on the computer, my greatest contentment has always been in the process of artistic creation and design. 

Like Steve McQueen said about racing in the movie, Le Mans, “When you're racing, it's life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.”  Often, I feel that way about my art projects.

I have been very fortunate to make a career out of my passion and skillset for creating art.  I’ve always wanted to use my artistic abilities to entertain and to make the world a little happier place.  So, the role of video game artist was a natural fit for me.  Beyond getting to spend my days creating spaceships, tanks, monsters and cute farm animals, I love the excitement and energy of working with a small team of enthusiastic and talented designers, engineers, producers and artists making a game.  Seeing the game come together from concept to final product, and then to see it in the stores and magazines, and being played by millions of people is always thrilling. 

When I’m not creating art, there’s the car thing.  Beyond drawing cars, I love reading about cars, taking part in car club activities, wrenching on my cars, going to car shows, autocrossing, participating in track days at the local motorsport parks, kart racing, or just looking for a reason to drive somewhere.  It’s probably a bit excessive, I know.  But I’ve come to accept my condition and just wallow in it. 

But I also like my pets, animals in general, movies, good food, music, history, the sciences, karaoke, star gazing, walks along the beach, etc. etc.  So, I'm a little well-rounded.  But yeah...  Cars. 

So, that’s my plan:  Art, Cars, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. 

If my plan can help you achieve your plans, feel free to contact me.  Let's see what we can create together. 
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